List of our Latest news.

In Israel

Eshel Lifts Ltd. was appointed sole representative for “asia ~ Fuji" elevators and escalators.

Eshel Lifts Ltd, Will provide and install two escalators made by "asia - Fuji‘, in a big Mall in Tel aviv.

Eshel Lihs Ltd. will supply and install service lifts made by BKG-Germany in:

Uniliver , Haifa. 2000 kg  BKG goods lift

Singer - Jerusalem, BKG service lift

cafe Kadosh - jerusalem ,2 units

Yad Sara - Jerusalem ,1 unit

Rotchild tel aviv ,1 unit

Ben yehoda tel aviv , 2 units

service lifts that was handed over: Aco, Mevaseret jerusalem, Haifa german colony. all lifts made by BKG GERMANY.

In Europe

Eshel lifts will supply 2 heavy goods klifts ,BKG, 2000kg, in a new project ,in London, u.k.

 Eshel Lifts Ltd. will supply and install 8 elevators, manufactured by Doppler Greece, in a new project in central London, Kentish Town. The elevators Will be provided during the year.

Eshel lifts will supply and install 2 refuse lifts in central London the lifts will be supplied by Doppler Greece.

Eshel lifts will install a new MRL lift in Willesden lane, London U.K.

Eshel lifts will supply and install a new lift made by Doppler in Acton , west London

Eshel lift supply an ATF platfom for 18 ton, with vertical rise of 10.5 m' ,location ,north London.

In Africa

Eshel Lifts Ltd. supply 3 new lifts in Kinshasa RDC, all lifts made by Doppler Greece project name - ALEGO

Eshel Lifts Ltd. supply two new lifts in "BLUE" building in Kinshasa RDC all lifts made by Doppler, Greece

Eshel lifts will renovate the lift in “ALFA BUILDING” in Kinshasa, RDC

Eshel lifts supply a glass home lift made by Doppler, Greece to a private client in Luanda, Angola

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